Homewise Staff

Dedicated, professional and experienced staff team available to help and support you:


Sue Sinclair – Manager
email: sue@homewisesociety.org.uk

Carole Perkin – Service Manager
email: carole@homewisesociety.org.uk


George Barnet – Techincal Officer

Email: george@homewisesociety.org.uk

Sandra Ward – Monitoring Officer
email: sandra@homewiseociety.org.uk


Paige Conlon – Caseworker 
email: paige@homewisesociety.org.uk

Aiden Gray – Adaptation and Repair Officer


Tony Westwell – Adaptation and Repair Officer

Lyndsay Wheatcroft – Senior Caseworker
email: lyndsay@homewisesociety.org.uk

Holly Hartley – Administration Officer
email: holly@homewisesociety.org.uk

 Nicola Mullen – Caseworker
email: n.mullen@homewisesociety.org.uk